Mile High Underground Music Black Tie & Fundraiser Event

Win two free tickets, by answering a few questions.
If you get the answer to one question correctly win two free tickets, get two questions correct and win four free tickets answer all 3 questions correctly and win a digital distribution deal with over 250 platforms where your music is heard.

1. Which artist has a BA in engineering and his own recording studio?

2. Which artist owns and operator of his own a radio station?

3. Which artist is a photographer and videographer?

4. Which artist has his own record label and a national recording artist?

5. Which artist lives in Vegas?

6. Who is our special guest artist from Colorado?

Very easy questions……Google all the artist and research their music. Spotify, IHeart Radio, Pandora and YouTube
DA SmartNP King KO Blazin, Fatsam, Trinity, The Qor, Charlie Martin aka Pepper….You can have your music monetized and place on Pandor and more by answering all questions correctly…. See you March 14th or shop Groupon for your tickets

black tie

Denver Events Calendar

Tickets available are on Groupon


Published by

Mz. Ames

Antonette Ames-C.E.O & Founder of A H P niece of legendary late Sylvester Ames Jr. President of A&S Production. Sylvester worked with Rev. Marvin Yancy who is the ex-husband of Natalie Cole daughter of the late Nat King-Cole. Sylvester Ames, Marvin, and Kevin Yancy later formed the production company MKS Production. Sylvester produced a number of projects and album one to his attributes Fountain of life Joy Choir, one of the songs lead by Natalie Cole and nominated for a Stellar award in 1984-85. Antonette’s mother sang with gospel group “The Bernard Sisters” who sang across Chicago with the legendary R&B group “The Emotions” also know in their early years as the “The Hutchinson Sunbeams”. It is inevitable that Antonette Ames would follow in the footsteps of these great men and women that preceded her in the music industry. Antonette start taking the music industry more seriously in 2004 where she planned many Church events she would later plan her own major professional events in 2012. Starting with a gospel non-profanity comedy starring comedian Lester Barrie (Barrie is a Def Comedy Jam all-star, an Apollo Theater legend, and a BET's Comicview host). She did two shows with him (Barrie is also an old grammar school classmate of Antonette from Chicago Il). Antonette would later do an event with Grammy Award winner Le’Andria Johnson in 2015. Antonette and her staff Cassandra P.A. and Davida Marketing Director will continue to work hard at making!! // (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({ google_ad_client: "ca-pub-5747263313968914", enable_page_level_ads: true });

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