Leola Brown “Bobby Brown’s sister


Well look here it’s Author/Actor Leolah Brown sister to New Edition Member Bobby Brown A source for the Tabloids Reports Talks About A Possible New Tv Reality Mini-Series “The Browns” Might be interesting! Also, she Has been seen Making some noise around the Colorado Area Working With Ames High Productions on an Upcoming fundraiser for The American Heart Association, Be on the Lookout for Leolah Brown (Muhammad) 
On Her Rise Too Fame ⭐️

Leolah Brown is an award-winning author who was raised in Roxbury Massachusetts.  She is also the sister to entertainer Bobby Brown. At the tender age of 9 Leolah was first known for her poetry writing, playing the violin while winning many medals for “running track” in the city of Boston where she grew up.  She was also well known for singing like a bird! She sung in many talents shows and won first place every single time after entering many competitions.


Her Parents then gave her mission at 9 years old to sing in nightclubs and anywhere else talent shows were taken place at. Leolah was actually the very first one out of the Brown family that was known for singing & dancing! After singing for several years at that young age, her younger brother, now famous Bobby Brown joins her in many talent competitions in Boston.  One particular place was the “Hi-Hat” club for adults in Roxbury. The two brother & sister LELE MOM N BOBBY

were both solo artists, would perform every Sunday in the “Hi-Hat” night club. Many entertainers such as Harold Melvin & Blue Notes, The Chi-Lites, Betty Wright, Natalie Cole, The Whispers, Commodores. you name it they would also perform there! Leolah was making a name for herself by her wins each & every time she performed! She then had a manager approach her, who then told her that, she would soon make TV if she would win the very next talent show coming up! However, Leolah’s  life took an unusual turn for the worst at only 14 years old. It would be years later after becoming a woman and mother, her brother, R & B singer, Mr. Bobby Brown, who had continued to pursue his career in the music industry and then forming “The New Edition” group, convinced her to move out West! California was that place she would reside in thereafter; with him to then continue pursuing her singing career! As soon as Leolah hit the ground in Encino/Tarzana California, she became very serious about her singing career by taking vocal lessons with a known vocal coach in Encino named “Ira Lee.” Ira Lee was known to work with many celebrities on their vocals. Leolah does extremely well and hits the local newspaper in California as one of Ira Lee’s “best vocal student” at his vocal training school. While living in California, Bobby introduces Leolah to Heavyweight boxing champion, Mr. Mike Tyson. Leolah and Mike began dating until several years later, Leolah, leaving even Mike Tyson Behind in California, taking her brother Bobby’s advice once again, packed it up and  moved to Atlanta Georgia in January of 1991. There, Leolah’s new life began! She continued to sing and even recorded her own album. Later she auditioned for her brother Bobby Brown’s new world tour in 1992-1994. Leolah made the audition and sang backup for her brother Bobby and also new sister-n-law, the late Whitney Houston! They did a world tour together visiting countries such as but not limited to, Australia, China, Japan, Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei, etc. They also did just about every city and state in the U.S. Leolah did exceptional well and was now known as a professional singing artist in a whole other light! After the tour Leolah was chosen by her new sister-n-law herself, the late Whitney Houston, to be her bridesmaid in her and Bobby Brown’s wedding. Thereafter, Leolah became Whitney’s personal assistant along with being chosen by Whitney herself again to be the legal guardian of Bobbi Kristina Brown; which was Leolah’s niece and Bobby & Whitney’s only child together. It was during this time, Leolah decided to open her very own businesses. She went back to school to get her BOA and formed her very own Non-profit foundation while she continued to write songs, plays, movies, and her award-winning book! Thereafter, Leolah became an “Award Winning Author” of the book entitled “My Journey to God!” Which, Leolah wrote and finished in 2007. Once again, Leolah became well known as a fighter in her community and very passionate about those who were mistreated, underprivileged and homeless. She sincerely loves and is extremely passionate about inspiring people today. But it is nothing new for Leolah, as she was always one to give her heart to others who needed it. Her passion turned her into an Inspirational Speaker, Actor, Singer, Songwriter, Movie Script & Play  Writer, Fashion Designer and a writer, creator and ‘Host’ of her new TV Shows in Atlanta. Today Leolah continues to fight for her sister, the late Whitney Houston and daughter, Leolah’s niece, Bobbi Kristina Brown; whom Leolah feels and strongly believes were both murdered! Leolah is a strong-willed person who is determined to gain justice for Whitney and Bobbi Kristina while also focusing on running her businesses at the very same time, strongly and very powerfully maintaining her 5 sons and 1 daughter Kristina’s careers! Yes you heard correctly! Leolah has a daughter of her own by the name of Kristina as well! The world has no idea what Leolah has in store to show everyone today! There is much talent that comes out of the Brown family lives…


Leolah is available for booking: Speaking and acting engagements

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Mz. Ames

Antonette Ames-C.E.O & Founder of A H P niece of legendary late Sylvester Ames Jr. President of A&S Production. Sylvester worked with Rev. Marvin Yancy who is the ex-husband of Natalie Cole daughter of the late Nat King-Cole. Sylvester Ames, Marvin, and Kevin Yancy later formed the production company MKS Production. Sylvester produced a number of projects and album one to his attributes Fountain of life Joy Choir, one of the songs lead by Natalie Cole and nominated for a Stellar award in 1984-85. Antonette’s mother sang with gospel group “The Bernard Sisters” who sang across Chicago with the legendary R&B group “The Emotions” also know in their early years as the “The Hutchinson Sunbeams”. It is inevitable that Antonette Ames would follow in the footsteps of these great men and women that preceded her in the music industry. Antonette start taking the music industry more seriously in 2004 where she planned many Church events she would later plan her own major professional events in 2012. Starting with a gospel non-profanity comedy starring comedian Lester Barrie (Barrie is a Def Comedy Jam all-star, an Apollo Theater legend, and a BET's Comicview host). She did two shows with him (Barrie is also an old grammar school classmate of Antonette from Chicago Il). Antonette would later do an event with Grammy Award winner Le’Andria Johnson in 2015. Antonette and her staff Cassandra P.A. and Davida Marketing Director will continue to work hard at making!! //pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/js/adsbygoogle.js (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({ google_ad_client: "ca-pub-5747263313968914", enable_page_level_ads: true });

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