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More details will follow!

Two Distribution will be given on the spot The Kasbah Nightclub 

March 14 2019 is the date Ames High Production kick off their first annual underground music event….

This is an event that serves as the stage for local, national and international independent artists to submit their music to radio stations around the world, with e-mail blast to record labels and A&R Reps. also to get airplay and heard throughout the United States and other countries. Every artist’s music is placed in rotation and artists who have BMI or ASCAP publishing to have their music played allows the artists to be paid quarterly.

Ames High Production with the event planning and creativity of Showcasing, Cyphers and live entertainment, event planning and Reality Shows on YouTube
Our promotional approach is to:

Reach our prospective Sponsors and radio stations, that we’ve partnered with our listeners and supporters by utilizing a variety of media tailored to specific demographics and opportunity target markets.

The primary media sources include radio, television, internet, press releases, print and website promotions. Our promotional approach provides promotional exposure through participation in radio talk shows and interviews on programs addressing a variety of issues such as current events, music, videos, entertainment and cultural enrichment.

Ames High Productions offers the following:
Product jingles
Magazine advertisement placements in all social media
Internet radio ad placements
Commercials which will be placed on various media outlets
Recorded programs of ads or commercials are always available to anyone listening and visit our events and venues to the program that desires to hear or see the advertisement in the future
Pre-event promotional activities include showcasing the artists and live mentions per program announcing our sponsors which maintain momentum and provides on-going exposure
Established links with local and major radio and music websites and seek placement of our events for related activities